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The Upper Ohio Valley Building & Construction Trades Council is an organization of Construction Trade Unions dedicated to meeting the challenge of an every changing construction labor market.  With pride and professionalism our highly skilled workforce delivers outstanding value for customers and owners throughout the Upper Ohio Valley.

With comprehensive formal craft, safety and skill-set training programs, we provide life long career opportunities to those that have the discipline and determination to be professionals in the construction industry.

The Upper Ohio Valley Building Trades Council (OVBTC) was chartered on January 17, 1939 in Wheeling, West Virginia.

The OVBTC meets every Tuesday of the month, with the meeting location varying between Steubenville, Ohio at the Electricians’ Hall and in Wheeling, West Virginia at the Iron Workers’ Hall.

The OVBTC covers the following counties in Ohio:

  • Jefferson
  • Belmont
  • Harrison
  • Guernsey

The OVBTC covers the following counties in West Virginia:

  • Hancock
  • Brooke
  • Ohio
  • Marshall
  • Wetzel



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