Building Skills, Constructing Careers

Delivering Outstanding Value

The Upper Ohio Valley Building & Construction Trades Council is an organization of Construction Trade Unions dedicated to meeting the challenge of an ever changing construction labor market. With pride and professionalism our highly skilled workforce delivers outstanding value for customers and owners throughout the Upper Ohio Valley.

Apprenticeships & Training

The Construction industry offers a tremendous world of opportunity for a person with the desire to create and to use tools of mind and body to become a future builder of our cities and country.

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Project BESTProject Best

Apprenticeship & Training is a service of Project BEST, a construction industry labor-management committee created from the establishment of the Ohio Valley Construction Labor-Management Council.

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Check below for resources to help navigate the ever changing construction labor market, and to support the continued effort to rebuild the middle class in our District.

Buying American

A list of sites with American-made products. What America Makes, Makes America. Please buy American!

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Contractor Hiring Tips

Questions a person should ask a contractor before they hire them to do work.

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Learn about Prevailing Wage, Project Labor Agreements and other related issues.

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Upper Ohio Valley Building Trades Council

The Upper Ohio Valley Building Trades Council (OVBTC) was chartered on January 17, 1939 in Wheeling, West Virginia. The OVBTC meets every Tuesday of the month, with the meeting location varying between Steubenville, Ohio at the Electricians’ Hall and in Wheeling, West Virginia at the Iron Workers’ Hall.